Staff & Volunteers


John Suau, Executive Director | 202.249.3953

Anne McDonough, Library and Collections Director | 202.249.3956

Katrina Ingraham, Operations Manager | 202.249.3951

Jessica Smith, Research Services Librarian | 202.249.3957

Izetta Autumn Mobley, Public Programs and Outreach Coordinator | 202.249.3942

Karen Harris, Events and Publications Coordinator | 202.249.3958

Laura Barry, Social Media Coordinator

Chris Myers Asch, Editor, Washington History

Jane Freundel Levey
Director of Programs and Chief Historian
Managing Editor, Washington History

Please note we no longer use the email.

Marianne Gill
Ann Kessler
Bill Kummings
Eda Offutt
Elizabeth Ratigan
Anne Rollins
Meris Westberg
Dave Wood