Front of House: How May We Help?

Happy researchers make the Historical Society happy!

Smiling library patrons make the Historical Society happy!

Front of House is an occasional series where we’ll highlight some of the public services provided by the staff and volunteers of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., as well as post about the eternal quest to fulfill reference queries that have us intrigued, delighted – or, in some cases, stumped.

We’re kicking off this series with a Researcher Roll Call of sorts, featuring a few of the acknowledgements found in recent additions to the cataloged holdings of the Kiplinger Research Library. Thanks for tooting our horn, Oh Historical Society Researchers!

And while the thanks are incredibly lovely (and appreciated!), the real gratification comes from seeing how explorations among the photograph, manuscript, map, ephemera, art and other collections of the Historical Society make their way into books, lectures, blogs, films and other published material.  Published or presented recently? Let us know so we can add you to the Researcher Roll Call!

We’re blushing over here – and we welcome all those interested in D.C. history to make a research appointment! Tour the exhibit! Sign up for a program! And come on down to the Historical Society to meet the staff and the incredible cast of volunteers and interns who produce the programs and provide the services that membership and donations help support. Speaking of which …

The Historical Society of Washington, D.C. welcomes any and all donations towards library services and collections development. Your support, including that of membership, helps preserve and provide access to Washington’s history!

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