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Lincoln's Assassination

After the fatal shot was fired, pandemonium broke out. Booth jumped from the box and escaped out the stage door while Mrs. Lincoln cradled the President's head in her arms and doctors in the audience rushed to Lincoln's aid.


Lincoln was carried across the street to a boarding house owned by William Peterson and laid in a room on the first floor. It was clear to all the doctors present that the President's condition was hopeless and preparations for his funeral and his succession began immediately.


Mary Lincoln remained near Lincoln's bedside while he lay dying, weeping uncontrollably and imploring, "Oh, my God, and have I given my husband to die?" And at 7:22am on April 15, Abraham Lincoln became the first President of the United States to be assassinated.


People visiting Lincoln on his deathbed and Mary Todd crying at Lincoln's side, 1865
























Peterson House, where Lincoln was taken after he was shot, ca. 1910-1920


The bed that Lincoln was put in when he was brought to the Peterson House, 1865